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Daily Archives: October 12, 2017

GAO Report – Combating Wildlife Trafficking

Combating Wildlife Trafficking: Agencies Are Taking Action to Reduce Demand but Could Improve Collaboration in Southeast Asia GAO-18-7: Published: Oct 12, 2017. Publicly Released: Oct 12, 2017: “The illegal wildlife trade—estimated to be worth at least $7 billion annually—is pushing these and other species to the brink of extinction. The United States and Asia are key sources of demand for a variety of wildlife. U.S. agencies are taking steps, such as raising awareness and training local authorities, to reduce demand and improve law enforcement, but disagreements over roles and responsibilities in Southeast Asia have hindered some efforts. We recommended that USAID and the Departments of State and Interior clarify roles and responsibilities of staff in the region.”

Guide on How to Transcribe YouTube Videos Automatically

Karrar Haider via Hongkiat: “A lot of us may not know but YouTube comes with many useful features like translation for titles and description and YouTube keyboard shortcuts etc. Similarly, there are ways with which you can transcribe YouTube videos. As nowadays, the speech recognition software have improved a lot, you can get a reliable… Continue Reading

Internet Archives Syncing Catalogs with thousands of Libraries in 120 Countries through OCLC

Internet Archives: “We are pleased to announce that the Internet Archive and OCLC have agreed to synchronize the metadata describing our digital books with OCLC’s WorldCat. WorldCat is a union catalog that itemizes the collections of thousands of libraries in more than 120 countries that participate in the OCLC global cooperative. What does this mean… Continue Reading

Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donald J. Trump

Paper via Governance Studies at Brookings – Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donal J. Trump. Barry H. Berke, Noah Bookbinder and Norman L. Eisen. October 10, 2017. “There are significant questions as to whether President Trump obstructed justice since taking office. We do not yet know all the relevant facts, and any final… Continue Reading

Share of Americans living without a partner has increased, especially among young adults

Pew Fact Tank – “In the past 10 years, the share of U.S. adults living without a spouse or partner has climbed to 42%, up from 39% in 2007, when the Census Bureau began collecting detailed data on cohabitation. Two important demographic trends have influenced this phenomenon. The share of adults who are married has… Continue Reading

Latino and Native Youth Incarceration Disparities Persist

“Two new fact sheets from The Sentencing Project highlight the persistence of incarceration disparities among youth of color. Native youth are 300 percent more likely than white youth to be detained or committed to youth facilities, and Latino youth are 65 percent more likely. For Latino youth, the disparity has declined slightly since 2001. For… Continue Reading