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Daily Archives: March 13, 2018

Paper – Visualizing the Academic Discipline of Knowledge Management

Visualizing the Academic Discipline of Knowledge Management, Peng Wang, Fang-Wei Zhu, Hao-Yang Song, Jian-Hua Hou and Jin-Lan Zhang. Sustainability 2018, 10(3), 682; doi:10.3390/su10030682. Received: 29 December 2017 / Accepted: 2 March 2018 / Published: 24 February 2018.

“The aim of this paper was to evaluate the research status of knowledge management (KM) and identify the characteristics of KM in the literature. We selected and studied in detail 7628 original research articles from the Web of Science from 1974 to 2017. Although many studies have contributed to the evolution of the KM domain, our results showed that a comprehensive bibliometric and visualization investigation was required. The literature on KM has grown rapidly since the 1970s. The United States of America, as the original contributing country, has also internationally collaborated the most in this field of study. The National Cheng Kung University has made the highest number of contributions. The majority of authors contributed a small number of publications. Additionally, the most common category in KM research was management. The main publications for KM research include Journal of Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Management Research & Practice. A keywords analysis determined that “knowledge sharing”, “innovation”, “ontology”, and “knowledge management” were consistent hotspots in knowledge management research. Through a document co-citation analysis, the intellectual structures of knowledge management were defined, and four emerging trends were identified that focus on new phenomenon, the practice of knowledge management, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) management based on knowledge perspective, innovation and performance, and big data-enabled KM. We also provide eight research questions for future studies. Our results will benefit academics, researchers, and research students who want to rapidly obtain an overview of knowledge management research. This study can also be a starting point for communication between academics and practitioners.”

EU27 and UK citizens’ acquired rights in the Brexit withdrawal agreement: detailed analysis and annotation

EU Law Analysis Blog – Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex: “The issue of the acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens has long been a focus of this blog. The latest development in this field is the proposed rules in the Brexit withdrawal agreement on this issue, as recently tabled by the Commission. This… Continue Reading

The web can be weaponised – and we can’t count on big tech to stop it

Tim Berners-Lee – It’s dangerous having a handful of companies control how ideas and opinions are shared. A regulator may be needed. “Today [March 12, 2018], the world wide web turns 29. This year marks a milestone in the web’s history: for the first time, we will cross the tipping point when more than half… Continue Reading

Get more useful information with captions on Google Images

Google Blog: “People around the world use Google Images to find visual information online. Whether you’re searching for ideas for your next baking project, how to tie shoelaces so they stay put, or tips on the proper form for doing a plank, scanning image results can be much more helpful than scanning text. Today, we’re… Continue Reading

EFF – Recognizing the Year’s Worst in Government Transparency

“Government transparency laws like the Freedom of Information Act exist to enforce the public’s right to inspect records so we can all figure out what the heck is being done in our name and with our tax dollars.  But when a public agency ignores, breaks or twists the law, your recourse varies by jurisdiction. In… Continue Reading

Federal Work-Life Survey Results

OPM Memo – “I am pleased to present the key findings of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Federal Work-Life Survey administered January 25 to March 10, 2017. This memorandum highlights the Federal workforce’s use and impact of work-life programs and provides guidance for agencies. OPM’s analysis indicates a significant relationship between participation in… Continue Reading

Look for scholarships with Free Graduate School Scholarship Search

Sallie Mae- “Learn why scholarships—free money that you don’t have to pay back—are important and how to search for them to help you pay for graduate school….Getting started is easy; students register free of charge, fill out a profile that can be updated at any time, and start searching. The tool responds with matches that… Continue Reading

Status of the Russia Investigation – House Intelligence Committee Democrats

Status of the Russia Investigation, March 13, 2018. See also: Nunes Statement on Russia Investigation “One year ago, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) initiated its investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election and pledged to follow the facts wherever they would lead. With yesterday’s announcement that the Majority will be prematurely… Continue Reading

Capitol Lawn Covered in 7000 Pairs of Shoes, One For Every Child Killed Since Sandy Hook

“Today [March 13, 2018], Avaaz members are laying 7,000 empty pairs of shoes on the Capitol lawn to memorialize the 7000 children who have been killed by gun violence since the Sandy Hook school shooting. The event intends to bring Congress face-to-face with the enormous heartbreak of gun violence, and demand they protect America’s children… Continue Reading

The Quest for a Universal Translator for Old, Obsolete Computer Files

Atlas Obscura – To save bygone software, files, and more, researchers are working to emulate decades-old technology in the cloud. “…The digital world continues to expand and mutate in all sorts of ways that will orphan and otherwise impair file formats and programs—from ones long forgotten to ones that work just fine today but carry… Continue Reading

Some Federal Judges Handle An Inordinate Criminal Caseload

“During the past five years, through December 2017, forty-nine federal district court judges each sentenced more than one thousand defendants who appeared before them. All but two of these judges were located in courthouses along the southwest border with Mexico. In contrast, typically judges sentenced several hundred, not several thousand defendants over this five year… Continue Reading