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Daily Archives: July 27, 2020

You asked, we’re answering: Your top coronavirus questions

“CNN readers from around the world have asked more than 90,000 questions about coronavirus. We’re reading as many as we can and answering some of the most popular questions here. Search by topic or by keywords (below) to find answers to your questions. If you have a question we haven’t answered, ask us here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction, and listen to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s podcast to learn more.”

San Francisco Police Accessed Business District Camera Network to Spy on Protestors

EFF: “The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) conducted mass surveillance of protesters at the end of May and in early June using a downtown business district’s camera network, according to new records obtained by EFF. The records show that SFPD received real-time live access to hundreds of cameras as well as a “data dump” of… Continue Reading

White House Tells EPIC to Delete COVID-19 Records, EPIC Declines

“In an unusual development, the White House directed EPIC this week to delete a set of records that EPIC recently obtained from the Office of Science & Technology Policy—a request which EPIC declined. On Tuesday, EPIC published hundreds of records about the White House’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and proposals to use location data… Continue Reading

COVID recovery time survey shows what ‘long haulers’ already knew: Symptoms can persist

Fast Company – “Newly published research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that recovery from COVID-19 is a very long process for many sufferers, even younger ones. In a new survey of coronavirus outpatients, the agency found 35% had not returned to what they would consider normal health within two to three… Continue Reading

Tackling the misinformation epidemic with “In Event of Moon Disaster”

MIT News – “Can you recognize a digitally manipulated video when you see one? It’s harder than most people realize. As the technology to produce realistic “deepfakes” becomes more easily available, distinguishing fact from fiction will only get more challenging. A new digital storytelling project from MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality aims to educate the… Continue Reading

NIST study finds that masks defeat most facial recognition algorithms

NIST: “Now that so many of us are covering our faces to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, how well do face recognition algorithms identify people wearing masks? The answer, according to a preliminary study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is with great difficulty. Even the best of the 89 commercial… Continue Reading

The World’s Supply Chain Isn’t Ready for a Covid-19 Vaccine

Bloomberg: “The industries that shepherd goods around the world on ships, planes and trucks acknowledge they aren’t ready to handle the challenges of shipping an eventual Covid-19 vaccine from drugmakers to billions of people. Already stretched thin by the pandemic, freight companies face problems ranging from shrinking capacity on container ships and cargo aircraft to… Continue Reading

Lift Every Voice: The Urgency of Universal Civic Duty Voting

Brookings – The following is the preamble to “Lift Every Voice: The Urgency of Universal Civic Duty Voting,” a report from the Working Group on Universal Voting convened by The Brookings Institution and The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School. Download the full PDF report here. “Imagine an American democracy… Continue Reading