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Daily Archives: October 29, 2020

Google to Offer Real-Time US Election Results in 70 Languages

PC Magazine – “YouTube is also adding more ways to find ‘authoritative information’ about the 2020 US election. Google is teaming up with The Associated Press (AP) to provide “authoritative” results leading up to and in the days following the 2020 US election. “Similar to previous elections, when people come to Search and Assistant looking for information on election results they’ll find a dedicated feature with data provided by the AP,” Amanda Storey, director of trust and safety at Google, wrote in a blog announcement. Starting next Tuesday, type in “election results,” and you’ll find real-time data (in more than 70 languages) for federal and state-level races. Or ask, “Hey Google, what are the current election results?” and the AI Assistant will share details on your phone, smart speaker, or smart display. (You can test the feature ahead of Election Day, but the answer will be disappointing.) While election-night parties are out of the question this year, you can still get into the patriotic mood with regularly updated coverage from sources on Google Search and real-time live streams from major news providers on YouTube…”

Yes, You Can Learn to Speak the Language of Plants

The New York Times – “Latin might seem like an obscure, inscrutable language for naming plants. But it can open up the botanical world in ways you can’t imagine…Not all plant names offer such easy clues about traits like appearance, preferred conditions or place of origin. It’s worth digging deeper, though, and I’m grateful to… Continue Reading

The best sites to follow on election night, according to experts

Fact Company – Mark Wilson: “…So I’ve abstained as much as possible from following the latest election infographics this year. However, as we approach election night November 3—knowing full well that because of mail-in voting, we might not actually know our next president by the end of the night—I feel the itch coming back. I… Continue Reading

Trump administration buries dozens of clean energy studies

InvestigateWest [in collaboration with Grist] – “…Dan Simmons of the U.S. Department of Energy doesn’t appear to fully support renewables. In fact, he has presided over his agency’s systematic squelching of dozens of government studies detailing its promise. One pivotal research project, for example, quantifies hydropower’s unique potential to enhance solar and wind energy, storing… Continue Reading

COVID-19 masks FAQ: How can cloth stop a tiny virus? What’s the best fabric? Do they protect the wearer?

The Conversation: “Face masks reduce the spread of viruses passed on from respiratory secretions. While cloth masks are imperfect, widespread use of an imperfect mask has the potential to make a big difference in transmission of the virus. We started reading the research on cloth masks and face coverings at the start of the pandemic,… Continue Reading

The ABA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force

This webpage is intended as a national source of information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the delivery of legal services. It includes resources on remote service delivery, court access and rules changes, legal needs, public benefits programs, and pro bono mobilization.  We appreciate receiving new information for inclusion on the site, preferably links to dynamic… Continue Reading

Designers Show How They’d Redesign The Tidal Basin To Save It From Rising Sea Levels

DCist: “On Wednesday, a combination of non-profit organizations, companies, and design teams launched the Tidal Basin Ideas Lab, an online exhibit that presents new plans for building a more sustainable Tidal Basin. Originally intended to be an in-person exhibit, the project was shifted completely online, where visitors can submit feedback and ideas for the Tidal… Continue Reading

Federal Law Enforcement Use of Facial Recognition Technology

CRS report via LC – Federal Law Enforcement Use of Facial Recognition Technology, October 27, 2020: “Law enforcement agencies’ use of facial recognition technology (FRT), while not a new practice, has received increased attention from policymakers and the public. Some of the concerns raised revolve around the accuracy of the technology, including potential race-, gender-, and… Continue Reading

Report – Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Escaping the ‘Era of Pandemics’: Experts Warn Worse Crises to Come Options Offered to Reduce Risk – “The report also offers a number of policy options that would help to reduce and address pandemic risk. Among these are: Launching a high-level intergovernmental council on pandemic prevention to provide decision-makers with the best science and evidence… Continue Reading

How to return your mail-in ballot without using the postal service

Popular Information: “There are 44 states that don’t require any reason to vote by mail or allow concerns about COVID-19 as a valid reason. All 44 states provide alternatives to the USPS to return your mail-in ballot. The details of these alternative return methods are listed below. Six states — New York, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi,… Continue Reading

Partisanship, Impeachment, and the Democratic Primaries: American Political Discourse

Faris, Robert, Justin Clark, Bruce Etling, Jonas Kaiser, Hal Roberts, et al. 2020. “Partisanship, Impeachment, and the Democratic Primaries: American Political Discourse, January – February 2020.” Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. Abstract – “The decisions voters will make at the ballot box on November 3, 2020 will be influenced in no small part… Continue Reading