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2021 Guide to Telework and Remote Work in the Federal Government

OPM – Leveraging Telework and Remote Work in the Federal Government to Better Meet Our Human Capital Needs and Improve Mission Delivery: “…The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Transformed the Federal Workplace As We Know It The COVID-19 pandemic forced changes to the workplace. Many employees learned how to perform the functions of their job in a new way during a difficult time, meeting the challenges head-on. Agencies demonstrated that they have been able to carry out their missions effectively. Accordingly, agencies now have an opportunity to revisit how they were operating prior to the pandemic and leverage lessons learned during the pandemic to integrate telework and remote work into their strategic workforce plans. As we look to the future, OPM is encouraging agencies to strategically leverage workplace flexibilities such as telework, remote work, and alternative/flexible work schedules as tools to help attract, recruit, and retain the best possible workforce…This 2021 Guide to Telework and Remote Work in the Federal Government is designed to replace the contents of OPM’s 2011 Guide to Telework in the Federal Government. This new guide offers resources to help contextualize the continued evolution of telework and remote work as critical workplace flexibilities given the increased adoption of these flexibilities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide is composed of two distinct parts that cover: Part 1– Technical Guide on Telework: An overview of telework arrangements, laws, agency roles and responsibilities, and guidance to develop agency telework policies Part 2– Technical Guide on Remote Work: A review of implications, considerations, and strategies for the appropriate use of remote work arrangements…”

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