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Daily Archives: July 1, 2024

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The Greatest Social Media Site Is Craigslist (Yes, Craigslist)

Slate – “While the internet has morphed and changed, the controversial classifieds site has remained largely the same—hearkening back to a time when everyone online trusted each other more….The site has changed relatively little in both functionality and appearance since Newmark launched it in 1995 as a friends and family listserv for jobs and other… Continue Reading

Quora’s Chatbot Platform Poe Allows Users to Download Paywalled Articles on Demand

Wired [unpaywalled]: “WIRED was able to download stories from publishers like The New York Times and The Atlantic using Poe’s Assistant bot. One expert calls it “prima facie copyright infringement,” which Quora disputes. Poe, an AI chatbot platform owned by the question-and-answer site Quora and backed by a $75 million Andreessen Horowitz investment, is providing… Continue Reading

The telltale words that could identify generative AI text

Ars Technica: “Thus far, even AI companies have had trouble coming up with tools that can reliably detect when a piece of writing was generated using a large language model. Now, a group of researchers has established a novel method for estimating LLM usage across a large set of scientific writing by measuring which “excess… Continue Reading

Microsoft tells yet more customers their emails have been stolen

The Register: “It took a while, but Microsoft has told customers that the Russian criminals who compromised its systems earlier this year made off with even more emails than it first admitted.  We’ve been aware for some time that the digital Russian break-in at the Windows maker saw Kremlin spies make off with source code,… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court Puts Trump Above the Law

The Atlantic via MSN: “Near the top of their sweeping, lawless opinion in Trump v. United States, Donald Trump’s defenders on the Supreme Court repeat one of the most basic principles of American constitutional government: “The president is not above the law.” They then proceed to obliterate it. Although the pro-Trump justices attempt to nest… Continue Reading

Making a case for Shakespeare, 400 years after his death

The Economist – The Folger library reopens, with a renewed purpose [unpaywalled]. What is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection doing in Washington, DC? Across the street from the Library of Congress, diagonally opposite to the Supreme Court, sits the Folger Shakespeare Library. At first glance, the large neoclassical block of white marble looks like another… Continue Reading