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Daily Archives: June 1, 2023

StreetScoop Local News Search

Research Buzz Search Gizmos: “Do you want local news? I mean LOCAL news? Enter a US address. StreetScoop will find the nearest large city, query the FCC for the television stations in the area, and aggregate those domain names along with your street name into a Google search, which then opens in a new tab. If the address you entered is not found you’ll get an error. Please don’t use abbreviations for street types — use Street not St, Road not Rd, etc. Do not use suites, apartment numbers, or commas in your address. If your address is not found you’ll get an error message. Sometimes it’s finicky for a reason I haven’t determined yet and I apologize. Many thanks to SimpleMaps for the dataset that I needed to get this doing right…”

What Number Comes Next? Ask the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

The New York Times [free link] “This year the “mathematical equivalent to the FBI’s voluminous fingerprint files” enters its 50th year, with 362,765 entries (and counting)…This year the OEIS, which has been praised as “the master index to mathematics” and “a mathematical equivalent to the FBI’s voluminous fingerprint files,” celebrates its 50th anniversary. The original… Continue Reading

World Energy Investment 2023

MIT Technology Review: “The world saw about $2.8 trillion of investments in energy in 2022, with about $1.7 trillion of that going into clean energy…” See also: “The report provides a global benchmark for tracking capital flows in the energy sector and examines how investors are assessing risks and opportunities across all areas of fuel… Continue Reading

Top EU Tech Regulator – Twitter to Face Stress Test This Month

WSJ [free link to article]: “European Union regulators plan to subject Twitter to a stress test to determine how well it complies with Europe’s new digital-content law, a top EU tech regulator said, ramping up the bloc’s preparations for enforcing the West’s most far-reaching digital-content law. A team of roughly five to 10 digital specialists… Continue Reading

Rule-Of-Law Judge? That’s Code for Ideologically Conservative Judging

Kimble, Joseph, Rule-Of-Law Judge? That’s Code for Ideologically Conservative Judging (February 15, 2023). Michigan Lawyers Weekly, February 15 2023, Available at SSRN: “Judges often proclaim—typically during a political campaign—that they are a “rule-of-law judge.” This commentary calls that description “a clichéd truism.” Beyond that, though, what’s wrong with the description? First, it’s hopelessly simplistic.… Continue Reading

Re-Evaluating GPT-4’s Bar Exam Performance

Martínez, Eric [Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Re-Evaluating GPT-4’s Bar Exam Performance (May 8, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “Perhaps the most widely touted of GPT-4’s at-launch, zero-shot capabilities has been its reported 90th-percentile performance on the Uniform Bar Exam, with its reported 80-percentile-points boost over its predecessor, GPT-3.5, far exceeding that for… Continue Reading

When do your employees need to disclose their use of ChatGPT?

HR Brew: “…As ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies provide a helping hand to employees, HR teams are grappling with policies regarding its use, including disclosure. Some companies have banned or restricted employees from the tech. Others are embracing the possibilities the tech can offer to employee productivity and see it as a tool to… Continue Reading