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3 ways to quickly deal with blank cells in an Excel sheet

Tech Republic – Filling blanks isn’t difficult at all if you apply one of these three tips. They’re quick and easy! “Blanks in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet aren’t always wrong, but they can throw a monkey wrench into expressions, analyzing and reporting. I don’t recommend leaving blanks unless you have specific reason for doing so. Blanks can be troublesome and downright destructive because some functions evaluate blanks differently than values. In this article, I’ll show you three quick and easy ways to deal with blank cells:

  1. using highlighting
  2. entering a specific value
  3. copying the value above

I’m using Microsoft 365, but you can use earlier versions. Methods two and three won’t work in Excel Online because there’s no Go To Special feature. For your convenience, you can download the .xlsx and .xls demonstration files…”

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