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32 years ago, experts foresaw much of today’s digital world

In a new Pew Research Center report by Drew DeSilver, nearly 1,600 technology experts give their thoughts about how the “Internet of Things” — wearable computers, processor-embedded products and other digital advances — will alter society over the next decade. Many (though not all) of the experts foresee, in the words of the report, “a global, immersive, ambient networked computing environment” that will change the way we do everything from stocking our fridges to finding our soulmates. Even though videotex and teletext never took off the way the report’s authors thought they would (slow speeds and lack of common standards being the biggest obstacles), many of their projections will sound familiar: Blurring of lines separating work and home; Fragmenting of traditional media; Privacy concerns; Data-based professions; Electronic banking; On-demand media; New kinds of relationships…”

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