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5 Free AI Sites That Use ChatGPT to Generate Custom Online Courses

MakeUseOf: “There are millions of free online courses to choose from online to study any subject. But if you want something very specific, you can also turn to ChatGPT. These websites use the power of GPT-4 to create a guided online course on any topic you ask, often complete with quizzes, tests, and exercises…

101 School already hosts a library of GPT-generated courses for you to browse and enroll in. They’re classified in categories such as science and mathematics, engineering and technology, arts, literature, communication, social sciences, legal, admin, personal services, health and safety, business and management, etc. Any course you start has a simple three-pane format. The first pane is the index, showing you each chapter or section. The middle pane displays the current unit’s content of text and images; so far, we haven’t found any GPT-generated course on 101 School with video content. The last pane is a ChatGPT window, where you can ask AI to give you a test on the material you just read, conduct practical exercises, or ask for further reading. Of course, you can also ask any other question using the best prompting techniques for ChatGPT. You can go through the whole course in one go or ask to get a daily, bi-daily, or weekly email containing the next unit. You’ll need to register for a free account to keep track of your progress in courses, or to create your own course…”

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