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51st issue of The Global Employer – The Social Media Issue

The Global Employer™ – The Social Media Issue, Paul Brown, Carlos A. Felce, Guenther H. Heckelmann, Cynthia L. Jackson. Baker & McKenzie

  • “Social media presents particular implications for managing employment relations within organizations. The use and abuse of social media can touch on all aspects of the employment relationship: from employers digging social media data as a recruitment tool, to the control of employees’ social media use, to monitoring and the private vs. public debate, to questions over the ownership of data, to disciplinary and termination issues and what an employer can lawfully do when it believes an employee has overstepped the social media mark, to post-termination competition issues. These are all issues that we are talking about with our clients on an increasingly frequent basis. So we thought that the time was ripe to address these questions within this publication. We are delighted to present a country by country guide to social media in the workplace with contributions from 17 of our offices across Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. Each office has addressed the same set of questions covering employment issues from recruitment through to termination, through to post-termination competition, through to the use of social media in legal proceedings.
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