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8 compelling reasons to quit Chrome and switch to Firefox

PC World – “From stopping autoplay videos in their tracks to reducing the system burden on your PC, there’s plenty to love about this browser. Chrome may be the most used browser, but it isn’t necessarily the best one out there. Alternatives exist that could better meet your needs. One such option is Firefox. It’s a rare browser not based on Chromium, the project that powers Chrome, unlike other rivals like Edge or Opera. It’s also backed by a team with a long, storied history in browser development and a deep interest in online privacy. As a result, using Firefox can boost your PC’s performance, better protect you on the web, and also make life more convenient, too. You’ll find it offers built-in features that don’t exist in Chrome or otherwise require third-party add-ons.  Just like we’ve recently done with Vivaldi, the enthusiast’s browser, and Microsoft Edge, we’ve highlighted the top 8 reasons to quit Chrome and make the switch to Firefox. Let’s dig in…”

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