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8 Great Legal Research and Writing Blogs

8 Great Legal Research and Writing Blogs Posted on January 23, 2014 by Cheryl Niemeier

Einstein once said “if we knew what it was we were doing, it wouldn’t be called ‘research,’ would it?” The following blogs about legal research and writing will help shorten the time it takes to get from research to knowledge:

  1. Adams Contract Drafting provides practical posts about contract drafting, language and contract automation, as well as critiques of the various available document assembly systems.
  2. Briefly Writing provides valuable detailed articles covering issues related to writing appellate and complex trial court briefs.
  3. eDiscoveryDaily offers tips on conducting electronic discovery, data searches, management techniques and new e-Discovery technologies.
  4. InternetForLawyers covers the plethora of low-cost and free investigative and legal research tools available on the Internet and provides tips and tricks for getting great results when using Internet search engines with a focus on Google.
  5. Legal Research Plus posts are penned by the law librarians who also happen to be the legal research instructors at Stanford Law School who cover what they know and continue to learn “about the ins and outs of legal research.”
  6. LLRX is a web journal  that covers legal research and technology topics and resources relevant to librarians, lawyers and law firms. Its companion beSpacific blog has been posting articles on accurate, focused research about law, technology and knowledge discovery since 2002 and offers a searchable database of 32,000 postings.
  7. MyCase blog posts provide practical legal management tips, tricks and suggestions ranging from cloud storage to rainmaking for today’s legal professionals.
  8. Witnesseth provides “insights from quantitative legal research on corporate law, capital markets, finance, and mergers and acquisitions.”

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