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8 Little Wake-Up Calls You Need to Receive Before it’s Too Late

MarcandAngel – Written byMarc Chernoff: “For my 18th birthday, many moons ago, my grandfather on my mom’s side gave me four lightly-used flannel shirts that he no longer needed. The shirts were barely worn and in great shape; my grandfather told me he thought they would look great on me. Unfortunately, I thought they were odd gifts at the time and I wasn’t thankful. I looked at him skeptically, gave him a crooked half-smile, and moved on to the other gifts sitting in front of me. My grandfather died two days later from a sudden heart attack. The flannel shirts were the last gifts he ever gave me, and that crooked half-smile was the last time a directly acknowledged him. Today, I still regret the little thing I didn’t say when I had the chance: “Thank you Grandpa. I appreciate you.” That was one huge wake-up call for me—one that has served me well for over two decades now. And here are eight more wake-up calls that have also served me—some important reminders worth remembering before it’s too late…”

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