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8 Nonfiction Books About Censorship

Book Riot: “If there’s one thing to love about Book Riot, it’s that contributors and editors around here are excellent at covering censorship and book banning attempts. From historical topics like the history of Nazi book burning, to heartwarming attempts to rectify wrongs like the Brooklyn Library offering teens across the U.S. access to banned ebooks, to comprehensive guides on fighting book bans with this anti-censorship tool kit, there are many places to start around here. In my years of experience arguing with people on the internet about censorship (this is not a satisfying or recommended activity), one of the most important things I’ve learned is that nearly 100% of people think other people are trying to silence their points of view. Around 4% think that “their side” is trying to do the same. Of course, the reality is that while I would argue that one side is guiltier than the other, they’re all guilty. Plenty of guilt to go around! In this rundown of nonfiction books about censorship, I’ve tried to bring different perspectives and various formats. While some of the books on this list were written decades ago, the methods and results of censorship continue…”

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