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9 New Zoom Features (and one that’s Kind of Creepy)

Cool Cat Teacher: “Zoom announced [April 19, 2022] a slew of new features that educators have been longing to have. This blog will go over the highlights of gesture recognition, viewing all of the breakout rooms from the main room. (Yes!) And even a way to implement Chat etiquette policies. There’s also a new (kinda creepy) Sales tool that I’ve heard will lead into education at some point and my concerns about that. I’ve shared how to engage students and teach effectively in zoom, but many of the concerns raised in that podcast have been solved with this one update! Let’s dive in with a quick overview of some of the new Zoom features, but remember that you need to update zoom if you’re running the room to get these features. I also recommend logging into your settings to double-check if there are new settings you need to fix to make them happen…”

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