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A 20-Year Community Roadmap for AI Research in the US is Released

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is pleased to release the completed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roadmap, titled A 20-Year Community Roadmap for AI Research in the US – An HTML version is available here. This roadmap is the result of a year long effort by the CCC and over 100 members of the research community, led by Yolanda Gil (University of Southern California and President of AAAI) and Bart Selman (Cornell University and President Elect of AAAI). Comments on a draft report of this roadmap were requested in May 2019. Thank you to everyone in the community who participated in workshops, helped write the report, submitted comments, and edited drafts. Your input and expertise helped make this roadmap extremely comprehensive.  From the Roadmap – Major Findings:

I – Enabled by strong algorithmic foundations and propelled by the data and computational resources that have become available over the past decade, AI is poised to have profound positive impacts on society and the economy.
II – To realize the potential benefits of AI advances will require audacious AI research, along with new strategies, research models, and types of organizations for catalyzing and supporting it.
III – The needs and roles of academia and industry, and their interactions, have critically important implications for the future of AI.
IV – Talent and workforce issues are undergoing a sea change in AI, raising significant challenges for developing the talent pool and for ensuring adequate diversity in it.
V – The rapid deployment if AI-enabled systems is raising serious questions and societal challenges encompassing a broad range of capabilities and issues.
VI – Significant strategic investments in AI by the United States will catalyze major scientific, technological, societal, and economic progress…”

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