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A History of PopMech’s Ambitious (And Sometimes Inaccurate) Internet Predictions

Popular Mechanics: “Just because you predicted the future of the internet wrong, doesn’t mean you’re hokey. It just points to unpredictability of the internet. Could we have known that WiFi would revolutionize the home and lead us to welcome voice spies into our home? Or that we’d have computers in our pockets all times of the day? Or cars would one day push out software updates over wifi? For over a century, Popular Mechanics has been documenting the latest in engineering and as they say, not all good things can last. Many of these inventions never came to fruition, but even the failures deserved coverage as they illustrate progress. And as a technology focused publication, it’s arduous to predict the future of the internet (or anything for that matter). So we’ve rounded up a few of the times that the magazine got the future of the internet right—and wrong—over the course of its 117-year history…” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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