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A New Role for Little Free Libraries

Book Riot: “…during this pandemic, we are listening a little more attentively, more diligently, perhaps even more sincerely, at the issues that affect our communities. For many, this attention brings painful reminders or a new understanding of the many injustices surrounding us, which can be debilitating. But paying attention has also prompted people to take action. A “small” movement that has taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the redirection of some little free libraries into pantries. The number of people converting their little libraries into spaces to share household items, food, and personal care items is so large that Little Free Library has created a space within their website with a new map to list “sharing-box” locations. Sharing boxes do not need to be a registered Little Free Library to be on the map. The map is open to anyone offering food, household items, or crafts in a sharing box in their neighborhood…”

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