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A system to organise projects

Johnny-Decimal: “A system to organise projects – When we kept everything on paper, organised people had these things called filing cabinets. They stored all of their documents in them in a structured way so that they could find them again. Now those same people store all of their files in arbitrarily named folders on their company’s shared drive and wonder why they can’t find anything. Nobody can find anything any more – Thousands of emails. Hundreds of files. File structures created on a whim and six layers deep. Duplicated content, lost content. We thought search would save us from this nightmare, but we were wrong. It’s time to get organised – There are a couple of core concepts, and they’re so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them before. It’s worth mentioning at this point that all of this is free, and it’s possible to implement it without any additional tools…”

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