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AALL State of the Profession Snapshot 2019

AALL [note – the snapshot is free – the entire report is fee only] “The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) believes that people need timely access to relevant legal information to make sound legal arguments and wise legal decisions. Members include—but are certainly not limited to—research librarians, chief knowledge officers, metadata managers, law professors, and law library directors. Their range of expertise spans legal research,customer and client relations, machine learning, and pro se services. The inaugural AALL State of the Profession provides an overview of the law library and legal information landscape. This report captures the range of legal information professionals’ contributions and talents, challenges in the field, and ambitions for the future. It is intended to be used as a tool for benchmarking, advocacy, organizational planning, and personal development…The report is available for preorder on AALLNET ( This preview takes a quick look at law librarians’ role in technology management, as well as topics of note in each setting… [Note – I was pleased to participate on the team that created the survey portion for the .gov members]

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