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Academic publishing practices are making ebooks unaffordable, unsustainable and inaccessible to university libraries

Campaign to investigate the academic ebook market – “We are a group of academic librarians, researchers and university lecturers who have compiled an open letter asking the UK government to urgently investigate the academic publishing industry over its ebook pricing and licensing practices. The current situation is not working and it needs to change. Librarians are increasingly unable to provide the resources students, lecturers and researchers need. We call on all impacted by the deeply flawed ebook publishing industry to add your names to our open letter. In the first instance, with support from Alex Chalk MP for Cheltenham, it will be delivered to the the Chair of the Education Select Committee and we will endeavour to bring the letter to the attention of other relevant government ministers and public bodies. You can help by also bringing it to the attention of your own MP.  If you are from outside the UK, please feel free to copy our letter and to use it to lobby your leaders to do the same. This is a global issue impacting us all in the Higher Education sector. Johanna Anderson, Subject Librarian”

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