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After Action Report of the Washington Navy Yard September 16, 2013 Shooting

After Action Report of the Washington Navy Yard September 16, 2013 Shooting – An Internal Review of the Metropolitan Police Department – July 2014

“The purpose of this report is to describe the events related to the law enforcement response, constructively evaluate and assess the tactical and operational actions, and identify the unique issues and challenges faced by the responding law enforcement officers on September 16, 2013. In the end, we hope that this report provides law enforcement and other stakeholders with practical recommendations should they be called upon to respond to a similar event. It is not the intent of this report to convey every detail or element related to Alexis or speculate on the possible motive for his actions. While it is human nature to desire to know the specific reasons why Alexis may have carried out this tragedy, his motive is beyond the scope of our review. It is also not our intention to second guess any of the actions or decisions of the officials and officers at the scene that day. The actions and decisions of that day were made, often in a split second, in a dynamic and extraordinary environment under extreme duress, facing a multitude of unforeseen challenges and dangers, without the benefit of hindsight. That the police response was effective in ending the threat, without the further loss of life, and overall operations continued without substantial issues, is a testament to the professionalism, training, and bravery of the officers who responded to the scene that day. Our hope is that this reflective analysis and the lessons learned by the Metropolitan Police Department and our partners may provide other law enforcement agencies and related stakeholders with an understanding of the challenges and thoughtful recommendations for possible improvements to the law enforcement response to active shooter situations or other  incidents that may require a large-scale, multi-agency response.”

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