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After the Voting Ends: The Steps to Complete an Election

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) – An election isn’t over when the polls close. It’s over when election administrators complete their postelection activities and the election results are certified. As with everything else related to elections, state law governs these postelection processes—and there are 51 models. (The states plus Washington, D.C.). This webpage reviews the major post election processes. Select one of the headings below the map to learn more…”

See also How a 4-year-old startup will call the winners on election night “From mail-in ballots to disinformation to a president talking about a rigged election, a bevy of factors make calling races in 2020 a high-anxiety game…It turns out that just a few companies are behind these race calls. For example, if you’re watching CNN this Tuesday night and you see a winner called in Florida, it’s because that network’s internal race call team has made a decision based on results data from Edison Research. If Fox News calls Florida, it’s because its call team has come to a decision based on data from the Associated Press. Another, newer voter data firm will also be hard at work on election night—Washington D.C.-based Decision Desk HQ. DDHQ’s race call team may make some of the toughest, and most important, calls in the firm’s four-year history Tuesday night…”

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