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Agricultural Act of 2014 – The Farm Bill

National Wildlife Federation, Lara Bryant: “Today, the farm bill passed the Senate by a vote of 68-32, its final major hurdle to becoming law for next five years. The White House reports that President Obama will sign the bill, so after a long, long wait, and lots of hard work, wildlife lovers can celebrate a farm bill that is a major win for conservation. I’ve been working on the farm bill since I first started at NWF two years ago. My coworkers and NWF members and activists were working hard on the Farm Bill for a year before that. There were times when it seemed that the bill would never pass, or would not be good for wildlife. But after hard work on the part of National Wildlife Federation members and our many partners in conservation, and after a great deal of compromise between legislators, conservation groups, and agriculture groups, the farm bill is done.”

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