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AI and Casetext

Via LinkedIn – Lawyer Carolyn Elefant on TikTok – her site is

“Watch #AI parse the 500 page #DonaldTrumpdeposition and cherry pick the instances where he arguably exaggerated his net worth which is one of the fact issues in the case. #legalai #smalllawfirm #legaltech #futureoflaw. Casetext hoovered through the 500 page deposition of former President Donald Trump, extracting everything he said related to inflating his net worth, which is one of the NY AG’s principal claims in its civil fraud lawsuit. Casetext took 45 minutes to get through. But this would easily be a day’s work for a paralegal or associate. Think of the time and cost savings in preparing for summary judgment or cross examination at trial. Think of all the lawyers who can litigate against biglaw with a lean team. Think of all the clients served. It’s awesome. To view my full demo, click the link in comments.”

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