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AI is taking over your web browser

Fast Company – Here’s what you’ll love and hate: “Generative AI is coming to your web browser whether you want it or not. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Arc, and other browsers are all trying to change how we interact with the web, using AI to boil down web articles and make browsing more efficient. As with the race to reinvent web search around AI, the hope is that you won’t have to load a dozen browser tabs and scrutinize each one to find the information you need. So far, though, no one’s quite figured out how to deliver on that promise, and every browser has a different take on how AI features should work. Invoking AI in a browser is often too cumbersome, with an insignificant payoff or—even worse—unreliable results. Still, there are glimpses of how AI features could be useful for web browsing, at least if they don’t undermine the entire web economy along the way. Here’s an overview of all the approaches we’ve seen so far…”

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