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All private vehicles will be banned from Central Park starting on June 27 2018

New York Post: “Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday called the city’s decision to ban cars permanently from the internal streets of Central Park a “sea change” for the landmark’s estimated 42 million annual visitors. “This is a big moment for this city,” he said on WNYC radio, two days ahead of Earth Day. “For the first time in history since we’ve had automobiles, Central Park will be closed to vehicles permanently.” Currently, cars are only allowed inside the park south of 72nd Street.  The prohibition, which starts in June, will exempt the park’s traverse roads, as well as emergency and government vehicles. Hizzoner said there would be a few adjustments needed to deal with congestion in the midtown vicinity of the park, including more traffic agents and changes to traffic signals. “But nothing outlandish,” he said. “We believe the impact will be very small.”

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