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Amazon and Walmart want you to think they always have the best prices

Vox/Recode: “Zulily is introducing a feature on Wednesday that aims to show online shoppers how much cheaper its prices are than Amazon’s and Walmart’s. The comparison will show up on thousands of Zulily product pages each day, as long as the exact item is also sold by either Amazon or In testing, Zulily says it found it had a lower price than the two large competitors 97 percent of the time. One caveat: The majority of items that Zulily sells are still unique goods that aren’t sold on the bigger competitors’ sites, so shoppers will still often land on a Zulily product page that doesn’t have a comparison. And another: Zulily’s shipping fees start at $5.99, while Amazon and Walmart customers get free shipping on certain orders. Still, the move is a bold one since it’s unclear how Amazon or Walmart will respond. They could choose to start price-matching Zulily or, worse, they could undercut the smaller competitor simply to prove a point…”

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