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Amended Copy of AG's Report to the President on Executive Order 13,392

Attorney General’s Report to the President on Executive Order 13,392 (June 1, 2007). This report is now available electronically on the Department of Justice’s FOIA Web site here. The accessible version which is in compliance with Section 508 of the Disabilities Act is available here. (posted 6/8/07; supplemented 6/20/07).

  • “In the Executive Order, the President directed the head of each Executive Branch agency to designate a senior official (at the Assistant Secretary level or equivalent) to serve as that agency’s Chief FOIA Officer. So as to ensure a citizen-centered approach to responding to FOIA requests, the Order also directed each agency to establish one or more FOIA Requester Service Centers and to designate one or more FOIA Public Liaisons. The Service Centers would “serve as the first place that a FOIA requester can contact to seek information concerning the status of the person’s FOIA request and appropriate information about the agency’s FOIA response.” The Liaisons would “serve as supervisory officials to whom a FOIA requester can raise concerns about the service the FOIA requester has received from the Center.” In addition, the Liaisons would “seek to ensure a service-oriented response to FOIA requests and FOIA-related inquiries,” and would “assist, as appropriate, in reducing delays, increasing transparency and understanding of the status of requests, and resolving disputes.”
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