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American Masters Digital Archive

“Welcome to the PBS American Masters Digital Archive. Explore unreleased interviews filmed for past American Masters documentaries: 1000+ records and counting from more than 40 episodes in the series’ history. Browse now for rare interviews with musicians, filmmakers, artists, historians, writers, comedians, journalists and more. Some figures in the collection include David Bowie, Patti Smith, Herbie Hancock, Gloria Steinem, Mike Nichols, Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Walter Cronkite, Don Rickles and Maya Angelou. Learn more about the collection hereStream hundreds of never-before-seen interviews from our 34-year archive – Extended interviews with Maya Angelou, Patti Smith, Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Matthew Broderick, Carl Reiner, Joan Rivers, Audra McDonald and others are now available, with searchable transcripts American Masters has been on the air since 1986. For four decades, we’ve asked: who has changed America? We’ve aired hundreds of carefully crafted programs that illuminate the stories of our cultural giants. But just a fraction of the interviews filmed for American Masters appear in the final films; nearly 96% of the footage never gets released. Now, the American Masters digital archive makes this rich catalog of interviews available to the public.

What’s in the archive? The archive includes over 1,000 hours of footage from more than 1,000 original, never-before-seen, full, raw interviews: a treasure trove of the movers and shakers of American culture, including Maya Angelou, Patti Smith, Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Matthew Broderick, Carl Reiner, Joan Rivers, Audra McDonald, Lee Grant, Patricia Bosworth, Sidney Lumet, William Buckley and many others. How do I use the archive? Created as a public research-and-learning tool with an emphasis on usability, discoverability and comprehensive indexing, the American Masters digital archive is a powerful database of American artistic and cultural achievements. Each interview includes searchable, synchronized transcription powered by Trint. The search and synchronization features allow viewers to jump to sections of the interview just by searching for a word in the transcript and clicking immediately to the result, with video timecode embedded in each and every word…”

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