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America’s Highest Value International Exports, by State

OnDeck: “The U.S. trade deficit hit nearly $1 trillion in 2022, as America imported some $948.1 billion more than it exported. This $103 billion increase on the previous year’s deficit came as the U.S. and its partners sought to restructure and redefine global supply chains following pandemic disruption and trade barriers with China — with whom the U.S. has a $382.9 billion trade deficit. But the U.S. was still the world’s second-largest exporter. America exported some $2.1 trillion last year, accounting for 8.4% of global exports. U.S. agriculture exports alone accounted for $213 billion, a true American success story. In a moment of rapid geo-political change, it pays to keep an eye on the comings and goings of American products — and to stay abreast of who the country’s best customers are. So, following our guide to Every State’s Top Import and Export, we plunged into the latest data on product exports by state in 2022 from the U.S. International Trade Administration to identify the biggest export destinations for products from every U.S. state. Key Findings:

  • Exports from Texas to Mexico have an annual value of $144.29 billion — the highest value of exports from a U.S. state to any other country.
  • Texas exports $33.63 billion in Petroleum & Coal Products to Mexico yearly — the highest value of any single product category from a state to another country.
  • Canada imports $15.37 billion in Transportation Equipment from Michigan each year, more than any product category from any other state.
  • Australia imports $4.56 billion in goods from Illinois each year, more than from any other U.S. state.”

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