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America’s Knowledge Economy: A State-by-State Review

Council of State Governments – America’s Knowledge Economy: A State-by-State Review: “The United States’ long-term economic growth will be determined by its ability to encourage the research and development that fosters innovation. In this presentation, The Council of State Governments and Elsevier, a world-leading provider of information solutions, discuss their newly released report, America’s Knowledge Economy: A State-by-State Review, which analyzes the research strengths of the United States and demonstrates ways states can capitalize on their comparative advantages in research to foster innovation and economic growth.”

Main Takeaways:
•US produces a large amount of highly impactful research.
•Although the level of output and funding varies, quality research is distributed across the entire country.
•Through a variety of metrics, each state can identify its relative comparative research strengths.
•Research requires substantialfocused investment, but the payoffs–driving innovation and futureeconomic growth at the state level–are worth it.”

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