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An Uncensored Library Created in Minecraft Defies Authoritarianism

Indubitably Odin: “Censored articles from around the world find refuge in this massive Minecraft map. Reporters Without Borders is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization with the stated aim of safeguarding the right to freedom of information. In order to expand upon this goal, the organization has turned to an unlikely source: the video game Minecraft, and a 12.5 million-block neoclassical library containing banned journalism from around the world. Sharing news and information, especially when it’s been banned by a government, is no easy task. How to disseminate — to share — that information becomes a matter of both undermining systems of control that seek to restrict it, and to present it in a manner that is accessible. If you can’t easily find and read the news, what good does it do? That is why this project, one of the most innovative uses of Minecraft in history, is so flippen’ cool…”

…Divided into six sections, the library offers a way to access the articles of five prominent journalists and news sources, as well as the work of Reporters Without Borders itself. Each of the five journalist sections features a pedestal on which a book is placed that showcases the current state of government censorship in that country. This includes that country’s rank on the World Press Freedom Index, a valuable tool for seeing how poorly so many of these countries treat those who value truth…”

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