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Anthropic launches Claude, a chatbot to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Tech Crunch: “Anthropic, a startup co-founded by ex-OpenAI employees, today launched something of a rival to the viral sensation ChatGPT. Called Claude, Anthropic’s AI — a chatbot — can be instructed to perform a range of tasks, including searching across documents, summarizing, writing and coding, and answering questions about particular topics. In these ways, it’s similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But Anthropic makes the case that Claude is “much less likely to produce harmful outputs,” “easier to converse with” and “more steerable.” Organizations can request access. Pricing has yet to be detailed. “We think that Claude is the right tool for a wide variety of customers and use cases,” an Anthropic spokesperson told TechCrunch via email. “We’ve been investing in our infrastructure for serving models for several months and are confident we can meet customer demand.” Following a closed beta late last year, Anthropic has been quietly testing Claude with launch partners, including Robin AI, AssemblyAI, Notion, Quora and DuckDuckGo. Two versions are available as of this morning via an API, Claude and a faster, less costly derivative called Claude Instant. In combination with ChatGPT, Claude powers DuckDuckGo’s recently launched DuckAssist tool, which directly answers straightforward search queries for users. Quora offers access to Claude through its experimental AI chat app, Poe. And on Notion, Claude is a part of the technical backend for Notion AI, an AI writing assistant integrated with the Notion workspace…”

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