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Anti-Discrimination Center – new page mapping housing segregation

The Anti-Discrimination Center: May 3, 2018 – Segregated, really segregated, or ultra-segregated? — “The 50th anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act has come and gone, but startling new maps from the Anti-Discrimination Center vividly show the depth and breadth of residential segregation in the United States.  Powered by Social Explorer, the maps allow exploration at the state, county, census tract, and census block group levels. Together and individually, these three interactive maps uncover extreme segregation in ways that most previous mapping has not. Maps of the African American and Latino populations highlight areas of disproportionately low and disproportionately high concentrations of those respective groups, allowing a clear picture to emerge of the longstanding phenomenon of residential segregation. These custom maps are best used on a large format device; we recommend especially using a desktop or laptop (in some cases, these maps do not render properly on tablets). We recommend not using on a phone: in the full country view, a phone loses too much of the detail. If you do run these maps on a tablet or phone, please make sure you allow a map to load fully before you switch maps or go to a different level of geography (for example, from county to block group).

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