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Application of the Critical-Path Method to Evaluate Insider Risks

Via CIA – Application of the Critical-Path Method to Evaluate Insider Risks, Eric Shaw and Laura Sellers. Studies in Intelligence Vol 59, No. 2 (Extracts, June 2015).

“Our purpose in this article is to draw on the most recent and comprehensive empirical studies of insider hostile acts—ranging from formal academic efforts to collections of in-depth case reports—to demonstrate that there exists a common set of factors and a similar pattern of individual and organizational behavior across the many occurrences during recent years. We will describe these factors and the indicators of heightened risk and place them in the context of a “critical-path” analysis, an approach that has been used in business and medical fields to identify the interrelationships of processes and their most critical and vulnerable points. We will apply this framework to historical cases and discuss the implications for counterintelligence and security personnel, as well as for intelligence officers engaged in recruitment activities focused on the insiders in targeted foreign institutions.”

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