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Are all your productivity tools making you feel…unproductive?

Fortune – “Here’s how to manage the deluge…Before COVID-19, the average knowledge worker in the U.S. used 10 apps at least 25 times per workday, according to a study by Asana, which helps teams track and organize their work. Now, with a record number of Americans working from home, the number of apps has ballooned to 13, checked at least 30 times a day. “We’re overwhelmed,” said Joshua Zerkel, head of global engagement marketing at Asana. “We need to put the team and people back in the driver’s seat so we’re not at the mercy of the tool. Because the world is increasingly chaotic, everyone is looking for any way to retain some modicum of control.” I spoke to Asana’s Zerkel and two other productivity experts to figure out how to save ourselves and our colleagues from each other. Our medium to connect: old-school phone conversations. Lots of thought-provoking questions and productivity hacks emerged but everyone agreed that the overdependence on email has got to go…”

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