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Army Drawdown and Restructuring: Background and Issues for Congress

CRS – Army Drawdown and Restructuring: Background and Issues for Congress. Andrew Feickert, Specialist in Military Ground Forces. February 28, 2014.

“The Administration’s proposal to reduce the size of the Army as well as restructure units and  headquarters has national security implications that Congress will need to consider as part of its oversight and authorizations and appropriations role. In terms of size of the force, Congress sets the end strength for both the Active and Reserve components of the Army. Congress also  authorizes and appropriates funds needed for Army restructuring, training exercises, equipment, basing, and infrastructure, as well as the various manpower management tools the Army could use to drawdown the force. Administration decisions about the structure of the Army can have a significant impact on Army bases in a Member’s district or state, which can also have economic ramifications for communities around or near affected bases. The Administration’s downsizing and restructuring proposals also can have a significant impact on local and state defense-related industries. Lastly, soldiers and their families who might be affected by the Administration’s decisions constitute a unique element of Members’ constituencies.”

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