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Army Techniques Publication – Protection of Civilians

Protection of Civilians, Headquarters, Department of the Army, ATP 3-07.6 October 2015.

“ATP 3-07.6 contains five chapters: Chapter 1 provides an overview of the protection of civilians, discusses its legal underpinnings, and addresses considerations including civilian risks. It discusses civilian protection during military operations and introduces the protection of civilians framework used in the document, which includes three components: understanding civilian risks, conducting operations to protect civilians, and shaping a protective environment. Chapter 2 addresses situational understanding of civilian risks. It discusses civilian protection in the context of an operational environment, intelligence activities, information sharing, and assessments. Chapter 3 discusses the relationship of the operations process and the warfighting functions to the protection of civilians. It also discusses the conduct of operations that support the protection of civilians. Chapter 4 describes the relevance of governance, rule of law, conflict-related sexual violence, protection of children, and other issues for achieving enduring protection of civilians. It also discusses the importance of a comprehensive approach that engages the population, host nation leaders and organizations, and other actors. Chapter 5 discusses the mitigation of civilian casualties, including preventive measures and methods to address civilian casualties that occur.”

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