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Artifact Management Reports for Each National Park

Artifact Management Reports for Each National Park, by Michael Ravnitzky

“Each year, the National Park Service creates a management report for each National Park that holds artifacts. These may include cultural and historical artifacts, such as a Civil War gun or an ancient Native American boulder inscription. There are also natural artifacts such as a unique type of wildflower. Many of the National Parks are grossly underfunded or due to other circumstances are unprepared to take proper care of the artifacts within the Park. The Park Service also puts out an overview summary for these reports. The materials for FY2007 have been posted here.

The first item is a key identifying the name of each National Park and its abbreviation. The second item is the service wide overview summary. Following that is the report for each park. The reports are brief.

This data has always been closely held by the National Park Service and has never been released before to the best of my knowledge. Check out the parks near you and you may find items of interest.”

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