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Automated, live fact-checks during the State of the Union? Tech & Check Cooperative’s first beta test hopes to pull it off

NeimanLab: “Instead of watching the upcoming State of the Union address with snide fact-checks from users on Twitter or other social media in the background, viewers will be able to see instantaneous fact-checking appear on their device screen as soon as President Trump utters a claim — or at least that’s the dream for Bill Adair’s team at Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab. Adair, the fact-checking maven who founded PolitiFact and is now director of the Reporters’ Lab, is spearheading the nascent Tech & Check Cooperative to bundle automation with a number of initiatives already launched in the fact-checking/computer science sphere. The two-year project got underway in the fall and is funded with a total of $1.2 million from the Knight Foundation, the Facebook Journalism Project, and the Craig Newmark Foundation. It draws on automation and fact-checking work from researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington, the Internet Archive, MIT Media Lab, and Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. Its live fact-check of the State of the Union Jan. 30 will be the team’s first beta test…”

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