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Avoid Google and Bing: 7 Alternative Search Engines That Value Privacy

MakeUseOf (MUO): “Google and Bing might be the web’s most popular search engines, but they’re both a disaster from a privacy standpoint. They routinely harvest your data and use it in more ways than you care to imagine. Is search engine privacy important to you? If so, you should consider using one of these alternative search engines instead. What Kinds of Data Are Google and Bing Collecting? Before we establish the best search engines for user privacy, let’s take a moment to look at what’s wrong with Google and Bing. They will record and/or store four pieces of information every time you enter a query:

  • IP address: It can reveal information about your location.
  • A Cookie: Cookies let the search engine trace search queries back to your machine.
  • Your search query: Lets the search engine show you targeted ads.
  • Date and time of query: Gives the provider insight into what information you want and when you want it. Again, companies use it for targeted ads.

And it’s not just Google and Microsoft that have access to this information. Some search providers will sell your data to third-parties, and they will all hand over your information to the NSA and other similar entities on request.So, which search engines should you use instead? [hint – DuckDuckGo is at the top of the list…]

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