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Biannual Twitter Transparency Report

“First published on July 2, 2012, our biannual Twitter Transparency Report highlights trends in government requests we’ve received for account information, government requests we’ve received for content removal, and copyright notices (both takedown notices and counter notices) we’ve received. The report also provides insight into whether or not we take action on these requests…We’ve received 46% more requests for account information affecting 48% more account holders during the first half of 2014 than in the previous reporting period. The continued rise may be attributed to Twitter’s ongoing international expansion, but also appears to follow the industry trend. As always, we continue to fight to provide notice to affected users when we’re not otherwise prohibited. Despite our global growth, the United States continues to make the majority of requests for account information, comprising 61% of all requests received (up 2% from last report). Of the remaining 39%, Japan remains the next largest requester, constituting ~9% of overall requests (down from 15% during the second half of 2013). Excluding the twelve countries that submitted emergency disclosure requests only, Brazil and the United Kingdom each comprised ~4% of worldwide requests. It’s also worth noting that Brazil, Spain, and Turkey all more than doubled their previous respective volume, with Brazil submitting more than three times as many requests (from 20 to 77).”

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