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Bibliography of worldwide COVID-19 legal literature

“University of Melbourne Law School Academic Research Service has compiled a bibliography of worldwide COVID-19 legal literature and made it available on open access on the Melbourne Law School’s website. Please note that:

  • The bibliography predominantly comprises scholarship, but also includes selected professional literature.
  • We are attempting to be exhaustive in our coverage of scholarship written in English (we have not included scholarship written in any other languages).
  • The bibliography on the webpage contains citations only (and indicates jurisdiction if that is not evident from the citation). There is a link to a PDF of the entire bibliography – the PDF is annotated to include abstracts, notes etc.
  • The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by broad legal subject
  • Links are provided for all scholarship available in full text on open access databases.
  • The bibliography is being regularly updated – the next update will be on 1st July and will add approximately 200 articles to what is already a very long list.
  • The explanatory notes at the top of the bibliography list the sources we use to compile the bibliography.
  • Following the scholarship, we have a section (Part B) listing statements and guidelines from selected international and regional institutions, and a section (Part C) on selected websites and blogs regularly publishing COVID-19 legal literature.
  • We hope you find the bibliography useful. Please pass it on to anyone who may be interested, and feel free to plunder for your own purposes. Please do send information about articles etc you are aware of that have not been included – we’re keen to crowdsource!
  • Lastly, for anyone interested in a comprehensive publication on COVID-19 and the law in Australia, I note one resource in particular – it is an open access book written by three Melbourne barristers and is regularly updated: Emrys Nekvapil, Maya Narayan and Stephanie Brenker, COVID-19 and the Law of Australia (2020)

[Via Robin Gardner, MLS Academic Research Service Manager, LLB, Grad Dip Legal Practice, BA, Grad Dip Information Management]

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