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Biden-Harris Transition Releases Code of Ethical Conduct and Ethics Plan

“Today, the Biden-Harris Transition published its Transition Code of Ethical Conduct and Transition Ethics Plan that will guide transition activities. The Presidential Transition Act directs the transition team to develop a Transition Code of Ethical Conduct and Ethics Plan to ensure the transition team members are held to clear and enforceable ethics standards. Consistent with Vice President Biden’s long-standing commitment to honest government, the Biden-Harris Code and Plan go beyond the requirements of the Presidential Transition Act. Vice President Biden has said that the charge facing the president who follows Donald Trump is as big as it is essential: restoring faith in American government. The next administration must demonstrate with their actions that public servants serve all Americans, not themselves or narrow special interests. “The Biden-Harris Transition prioritizes integrity and the highest ethical standards to serve the American people,” said Senator Ted Kaufman, Co-Chair, Biden-Harris Transition. “Our ethics code and plan demonstrate the values that would be part of a Biden-Harris Administration and promote accountability to garner trust from the American people at every stage.” The Biden-Harris Code of Ethical Conduct and Ethics Plan set the following standards for transition team members…”

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