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Bing’s new URL Inspection tool: What it does and why to use it

SearchEngineLand – “Bing fully launched its new Bing Webmaster Tools Thursday, and with that, a brand new URL Inspection tool. The Bing URL Inspection tool allows you to inspect Bing indexed version of your URLs allowing to detect potential indexing issues due to crawl or not following Bing Webmaster guidelines. Google launched its URL Inspection tool over two years ago in June 2018. How do the two compare? They are similar. Google and Bing’s URL Inspection tools are pretty similar. They essentially do the same thing: help webmasters, developers, SEOs and site owners see potential indexing issues with URLs in their respective search engines. Use both. Even though they are similar, it doesn’t mean you should just use one. Use both. Each will show you how your URLs are doing within those specific search engines. If you want to see how your URL is doing in Google, use the Google URL Inspection tool. If you want to see how your URL is doing in Bing, use the Bing URL Inspection tool. Overview screen. Here is what the tools look like on the overview page after you run a URL for testing…”

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