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Bird Migration Explorer

“The Bird Migration Explorer captures the joy of birds and the wonder of migration through a series of interactive maps built using the latest and best-available migration and conservation science. Using this unique digital platform, visitors to the Bird Migration Explorer can learn about the full annual cycle for 458 species of migratory birds that regularly breed in the United States and Canada and use areas in Latin America and the Caribbean during other times of the year. You can take a closer look at your favorite bird as it completes its annual migration using the Species Migration maps, discover which migratory birds use a given location and how they connect it to other places across the Western Hemisphere on the Locations maps, and learn about many of the challenges migratory birds face during the year with the Conservation Challenges maps. Migratory birds inspire and fascinate countless people all across the hemisphere with their awe-inspiring annual journeys. By learning more about what migratory birds tell us, we can better protect them and the places they need throughout the year. The Bird Migration Explorer takes one of the world’s natural phenomena and displays it right on your screen for hundreds of migratory bird species.”

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