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Birds Online

“The BIRDS ONLINE project has been implemented by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague since 2014. The project has been through several phases – design and creation of the monitoring system, construction of a special nest box for built-in technical equipment, installing test nest boxes with the help of the public, and implementation of online transmission of the nesting on social networks. Currently we are cooperating with more than twenty partners from schools and private users, as well as with the Ministry of the Environment. The main aim of the BIRDS ONLINE project is to bring scientific activities to the general public under the motto “science for people — people for science”. In a unique and undemanding way, we want to involve schools as well as public and interest groups in collecting biological data. In return, they will be given the opportunity to monitor their bird nesting online via their home Internet network and be able to present it on social networks. Video outputs will serve as an ideal educational tool for both children and adults, become a source of data for student and scientific work, as well as a tool for popularizing science. The BIRDS ONLINE project is based on using the Smart Nest Box, which was developed for monitoring purposes of nesting of an endangered owl species — Tengmalm’s owl. It was developed by the cooperation of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University in Prague and the company ELNICO, Ltd.. In the follow-up BIRDS ONLINE project, the technology of the original smart nest box was modified by ELNICO Ltd. to monitor the nesting of common species of songbirds. The main changes included the adapting the camera system for monitoring bird species active during the day, adjusting to a fixed power supply, and securing the online data transmission and its sharing on social networks. Simultaneously, a wooden structure for songbird boxes adjusted for built-in technology was designed and constructed. The currently modified camera system of a smart nest box allows the opportunity to watch live broadcast of the nesting of common birds from the comfort of your home and at the same time allows the storage of biological information in a built-in computer…”

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