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Blockchain – Innovation or Illusion?

Via Slashdot, EditorDavid: “Adam R. Smith, a software engineer with 40+ years of experience reportedly became frustrated with his friends and associates’ claims about the potential of crypto technology and their subsequent losses of money in various schemes, and set out to write a series of articles explaining what blockchain is and whether it lives up to its claims. This ended up morphing into a passion project that produced an 84 minute documentary entitled, “Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?  The film, which is currently making the rounds at various film festivals, has recently been released online in its entirety on YouTube. In it, Smith, who goes by the alias, “American Scream” explains what blockchain is in layman’s terms, how it relates to conventional databases and tech, and how the crypto industry seems more dependent upon coercive psychology, than innovation. The film addresses a wide variety of topics including, “Is blockchain disruptive?”, “Is de-centralization even worthwhile?”, and explains the how and why tokens, mining, and other blockchain-based elements like smart contracts and NFTs operate. In the second half of the film, Smith goes into specific claims and scenarios such as, “Is blockchain really immutable?” and “Can blockchain verify authenticity?” identifying common issues like “The Oracle problem” and whether arguments like, “Crypto helps bank the unbanked” and “Crypto is digital gold” really make sense? John Reed Stark, former Chief of the SEC Office of Internet Enforcement called Smith one of his favorite technologists and that the film was “spot on” in its characterization of the technology.

  • Watch the full documentary here.

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